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How We Serve

Innerlight Community Advocates, PLLC. is a community based behavioral health agency that provides wraparound, outpatient services. We offer in community as well as telehealth case management, therapy, and medication management. Our collaborative, strengths-based treatment modality enables us to treat our clients with a "whole person" approach which attacks severe mental health concerns from all angles. Our team of vetted clinicians have vested experience in working with high needs individuals who manage moderate to severe diagnoses as well as IDD and co-occurring disorders.  At Innerlight, we understand that in addition to mental health diagnosis, environmental factors and unmet needs can contribute to an individual's struggle to live healthy, independent lives. Our staff work as a team to address the therapeutic needs of our clients, while also providing resources which will improve independent living and coping skills.


Taylor Amador-Qualified Mental Health Professional, CEO/Founder

Taylor Amador is a qualified mental health professional with experience in executive healthcare administration. Throughout her career, she has aspired to make herself a better person through diverse experiences and investing in such a community where values such as morals, ethics, leadership, equality, and loyalty are prized above worldly pursuits. She is an individual who strives to ensure that those managing mental health diagnoses are provided care that is collaborative and patient centered. Using her leadership skills, she has established a track record of success in building teams of vetted clinicians to manage IDD, dual diagnosis, and co-occurring disorders. Taylor is deeply passionate about teaching clients how to use tools for navigating society's various systems which often serve as socioeconomic barriers that prevent marginalized individuals from accessing the care and resources they need.

"Therapy is not a self-indulgent exercise, but rather an essential part of self-care and wellness. By taking the time to explore our inner world and work through our challenges, we can cultivate a greater sense of balance, resilience, and joy in our lives."

Dr. Andrea Bonior

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